Saturday, June 02, 2007

More house pics. And stuff.

The open house went well, we think..... I'll know more when I speak to the agent on Monday, but apparently 12 groups of people came to check out the house today. Of course, half of them may have just been neighbours rubber-necking (that's exactly the sort of thing I'd do...). But we know that at least 3 people have been back for a second look, so hopefullysome offers will start coming in next week. Cross your fingers for us - I want this to be OVER.
One thing I am enjoying - I have an excuse to buy fresh flowers a couple of times a week. Currently we have: white tulips in the bathroom, yellowy-orange roses in the entry and a HUGE bunch of yellow and white liliums, blue Dutch iris, orange alstromerias, and some tassie blue gum leaves in the lounge. Pretty!
Here's some more photos, cos I'm toolazy otnight to write anything intelligent. Or even spelled correctly.

Nice to see that in spite of winter's onset, we still have a few things flowering. Iceberg roses, cyclamen and some seriously confused azaleas:

An early camellia. I love this - it's a prostrate form, so cascades beautifully from my tall blue pot:

The area next to our deck, known as the lower lager lounge (cute, but not original, I borrowed the name from a friend):

The kids' bathroom, in an unaccustomed pristine state. (Hmm, did I post this already? Well, the mirrored shaving cabinet door is new - Sara, you can actually do your hair and stuff in the bathroom now):

Some of my "pretties" in the bathroom:


I'm still in a world of pain, following Thursday's leg workout. This doesn't particularly bother me; in fact I kind of love it in a sick sort of way - but MAN, it's hard demonstrating correct squatting technique to a new client when your quads, glutes and hamstrings are stiff as boards and ON FIRE. Today, my biceps have decided to join the pain party. Yeah!


I'm currently sitting on the couch, laptop on my lap - where else?), watching Angry Beavers with The Middle Child. So mature.... We just watched a particularly awful Steven Seagull movie - has that man aged badly, or what?

What a wild way to spend a Saturday night! Bet you all wish you had MY life! Ha!


Sue said...

I really like what you have done with the place Kerryn, not that I saw the old place but I really like what I see. I also like the front number on the meter box, where can I score myself one of those numbers? Do they glow in the dark? That blue is the same as we painted mum bathroom, toliet and laundry, its very nice. Good job and think as if the house is already sold with the figure you would like, put it out there in the universe and it will be yours.

SeLiNa said...

Looking good!!!
Hope your legs get bettererer soon...

Kek said...

Sue, I made the number thingummy. You just get an MDF plaque from Bunnings (in the craft aisle), paint it and screw some brass numbers to it, then stick it to the meter box with Liquid Nails. Easy-peasy.

You could use stick-on glow-in-the-dark numbers if you like, but I don't think they'd look as nice.

Chris H said...

Hey ya tart, you pinched my blue pot, and my pretties from MY bathroom! What else are you hiding???? The house is looking lovely, I am sure you will have a quick sale mate.

Kek said...

Chris....Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Similar tastes, whaddya know?

I'll see what the agent says tomorrow...

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