Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard...

OK, it wasn't Mother Hubbard at all, it was me. The cupboard (and fridge) were a wee bit bare last night. I've kind of had more pressing priorities than shopping lately, and suddenly, there wasn't a great deal to eat. What to do? I took stock of what was in the fridge:

One defrosted chicken breast portion
1/2 a tomato
A scrap of red capsicum
A couple of wilted spring onions
1/2 a lettuce
Some bean shoots
1/2 a red onion
And a whole lot of green and brown sludge in the bottom of the crispers. Ugh. Must clean those tomorrow.

Hmm....not very inspiring. Then I scrounged around and found various jars at the back of the shelves, including some slightly suspect-looking Kalamata olives, some minced garlic and chilli, some sundried tomato strips and a few spoonfuls of pasta sauce, so I dragged it all out and decided I was in an Italian mood.

I'd already cooked pasta for the kids, and The Baby (as usual) had left half of his, so I tipped it into a bowl, grabbed a pan and came up with.....TA-DAH!!!!

Pasta con il pollo, il pomodoro e le olive ed insalata. (Thank you BabelFish!)


Debstar said...

I'm so not letting my hubby read this post. Usually when I have that kind of selection we end up having soup from a can.

Kek said...

Ha! It's one of my talents...MY husband has often looked in the fridge and pantry and decided there was nothing to eat.

Then after I'd do my 'thing', he'd stand there with his mouth open stuttering "how did you DO that?"

I DID have plenty of 2-minute noodles, some oven fries, cans of baked beans etc, but I don't eat that crap - I save it for my kids.

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