Monday, June 18, 2007

Scary stuff

When your husband works in the city, and your 14-year-old has headed off to the CBD as well for a week of City School (a 'real life' program for year 9 students), the last thing you want to see on the news is this headline:

Good thing they were both several blocks from the scene of the drama, but as far as I know the guy's still wandering about. And even though it doesn't appear to have been a random shooting, I'm not thrilled about my family being anywhere near the slightest chance of danger. The poor kids have been locked down all day, so I'm sure that after the initial excitement, they've spent the day bored out of their brains.

Anyway, the school has organised a bus to bring the kids back to campus, rather than being left to make their own way home by train as they were supposed to do.

I bet The Middle Child doesn't forget this experience in a hurry.


Chris H said...

Totally scary mate!!! I know that feeling ,happens all the time ... whenever I hear an ambulance, fire engine or cop car with it's sirens on I pray they are not heading to my house, or the kids school, or Stew's workplace.... etc etc etc ! Dumb eh? I think it is just he mother in us going into overdrive, we never stop worrying about them, NEVER. It is dreadful about the shooting in your neck of the woods, it't been on the news here, but not too many details.

Unknown said...

Holy crap! You must've felt sick when you saw that headline O_O

Its very good that the school have arranged a bus back, I can imagine how shot your nerves would be if you were made to wait for them to make their way home by themselves O_O

Your blessings must've been counted several times over by now!

SeLiNa said...

I saw that this morning... that's sooo scary!! Hope all your special ones aren't too freaked out :)

LizN said...

That is amazing and what rotten luck. That's all I have heard about today on the news. Yes, even as far away as Queensland.


Debstar said...

That gunman is a total nutter. They talked abit more about him on TV last night. He was on the Gold Coast creating havoc a year ago although then he got shot twice.

Thank goodness neither of your men were close enough to see the shooting.

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