Saturday, June 16, 2007

Splashing the cash

I'm excited! We slapped down a deposit on one of these today:

I'm pretty sure the dorky guy with the odd haircut doesn't come with it.

The one I really wanted was a little exxy and what with house-building and all, I really couldn't justify it. I didn't go for one of the el-cheapo home jobbies that abound though - this is a commercial-quality bike, just not the top-of-the-range one I was eying off.

The shop has to order it in for us, they didn't have one in stock, but it should be ready to pick up next week. My next step is to order some spinning DVDs on the net, and then go visit LizN's site for some more DVD shopping to vary my cardio a bit. Fun! :)

Whilst in the gym equipment shop, we had a nice browse and I found plenty of items to add to my wish list for the new studio. Like this absolute beauty:

It's a really clever leg press that converts to a hack squat machine. Oww, my legs hurt, just thinking about it!

There was also a great power cage with high and low cables, boxing gear, every kind of bench imaginable and rows and rows of shiny dumbbells..... *drools* I'd better start saving now.


Oh, we also saw the builder sales guy today, wrote a cheque, signed our lives away and *fingers crossed* our new house will be starting construction in October.

Seems it was a day for splashing cash around......


Chris H said...

Looooove the spin bike, boooo hoooo.... we already have an exercycle, I'm sure Stew would spit the dummy if I even suggested getting a spin bike too! Drool.... love the leg press machine too......ooooooo

Chris H said...

oh forgot.... good on you for signing your life away... roll on October!!! Sooo exciting, sooo far away yet!

Shauna said...

OMG your own spinning bike! i am spewing with jealousy :)

Kek said...

Shauna, you can come over and play on it any time. It's only about 17,000kms.....

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