Saturday, June 23, 2007

Take THAT!

I must have woken up feeling particularly sadistic this morning, because this is what I inflicted on one of my clients. After a good warm-up of step-ups, squats, some jogging, a few medicine ball moves and some side lunges with windmill arms, I pulled out a slightly modified Josh Hill bodyweight circuit:

Prisoner squat* x 10
Pushup x 10
Split squat x 10
Decline pushup x 10
Mountain climbers x 20

The exercises are all done back to back, no rest. Then a 1-2 minute rest and repeat twice more. We did some shoulder stuff, and then I decided to finish him off with a (slightly modified) Alwyn Cosgrove leg workout, thus:

Dumbbell squats (all the way to the floor, baby!) x 24
Alternating lunges x 12 (that's each leg, of course)
Step-ups with dumbbells x 12 (again, each leg)
Jump squats x 12

This one, I let him off lightly on - I only made him repeat it once. After that, some ab work, some stretching and he was done for the day. I mean REALLY done. His legs were toast. I'm sure I'll hear him cursing me tomorrow.... Ha! Who needs fancy equipment?

*if you're not familiar with prisoner squats, this is how they go.


SeLiNa said...

And aren't you just evil! ;) Sounds tough!! I like it, might just try it out myself... on someone else that is....hee hee :)

Chris H said...

The poor bugger! You are pure evil, you sadistic tart! I am SO GLAD you are not my trainer. I like my legs to work after a workout, not die for days.

Kek said...

He LOVED it! This guy expects to get his butt kicked every week, so hey - who am I to argue?

Funny thing, this particular client LAUGHS when he's really, really struggling. Most people grunt, pull faces, or whinge, but not this guy. If he's laughing, I know he's hurting!

Unknown said...

Remind me not to see you in the morning!!

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