Friday, June 22, 2007

They add WHAT?

I came across this article today, all about how Weight Watchers add hydrogenated vegetable oil to their pudding mixes here in Australia. *shudder* Nasty stuff. Then of course, the desserts are promoted as "healthier" choices, being only x points or whatever.

The part that I found interesting is that nutritionist Rosemary Stanton speaks out against these sorts of products:

"Much of the world's population starves because they don't have the resources to feed themselves, whereas we produce these foods that have little or no nutritional value just so we can eat more. I really find it quite offensive.''

Why is that interesting? Well, apart from the fact that she's right, for years, Ms Stanton was the consulting nutritionist to Weight Watchers Australia. Um.... I'm guessing she isn't any more.

As for the over-processed pudding mixes, I think I'll just stick to a small serve of something more natural and a whole lot more decadent. Like maybe my lemon tart, made with whole eggs, real sugar and cream. Yum.

Oh, and the moral to this story is: Trust no one. Oh no, hang on, that's the X-Files motto. Well then, read labels before you buy stuff. Please.


LizN said...

Couldn't agree with you and Ms Stanton more. That stuff truly is crap.. I get amused when I hear what people shovel in for a few mere POINTS


Shauna said...

Yeah baby! I can't believe the processed, overpriced shite they try and pap off to their members while simultaneously telling them the importance of wholesome, unprocessed food. And your tart looks bloody beautiful, by the way :)

SeLiNa said...

Yep, I'd like to pre-order some of that tart when I come stay with you please!! ;)

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