Sunday, June 24, 2007

This should work....

In the new-found spirit of making things easier on myself, I've come up with a new training plan to get me through the winter months. It goes like this:

Monday - a.m. cardio intervals on the spin bike p.m. 45-60 minute walk
Tuesday - a.m. weights at the cold, cold gym. Brrr.
Wednesday - a.m. spin bike again or a DVD p.m. walk
Thursday - a.m. weights
Friday - a.m. weights and probably some more walking
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - DVD or bike ride, depending on the weather. And my mood.

I'm going to love doing cardio at home. No going out into the freezing, foggy, dark, 5:45am cold. Except for Tuesdays, anyway.

Now, all I need is my spin bike, so it better come this week! Apart from my impatience, I can use the tax deduction, and the 30th June is looming. (Yes, I know it's a capital expense, so it has to be depreciated, not actually deducted, but it all helps)

Once the weather warms up and the daylight hours increase, I may get back into running as well. I SO hate treadmill running..... I have no idea how anyone can run for an hour on a treadmill. - B.O.R.I.N.G.


Chris H said...

Fingers crossed your bike arrives this week then! Treadmills are boring full stop, no matter how long you are on them.. watching tv helps I find.

Kathryn said...

I'm with you on the not going to the gym in the cold. If I could get out of my gym membership, I think I'd rent an exercise bike to see me through the winter.

I can do half hour tops on the treadie, but I have to lots of hills or speed intervals to make it interesting.

SeLiNa said...

AMEN!!! (to that last comment)

LizN said...

Seems like we are all in planning mode. And I hate the gym early in the morning.


Chris H said...

I just tagged you, nah na na na.. questions are on my blog today (26th).... come on now!

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