Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday update

Yes, the house is sold - the contract was signed last week, actually, but the sale was subject to a building inspection, and the long weekend dragged things out a bit. But the contract is now legally binding, and the stress levels in our house have plummeted. Just as well, really; murder was looking quite likely for a while there. So the plan of attack is: we move out in early September, rent something nearby while the new house is built and then move again *sigh* when The Palace is completed around March. Gah! Why do these things have to take so long?

I'm not impatient, but I want it NOW.


It's FREEZING this morning. I'm not leaving the house. Not for anything. And I may stay in my PJs all day too. So there.


Yesterday I did a great legs and abs workout - it was really quiet at the gym at 5:45am, there was hardly anyone there. At least there's one good thing about training at this time of year. Oh, two: there's the fact that training makes you nice and warm. :)


Back on the weather subject, I just checked and the temperature bottomed out at minus 0.6 at 7:35 this morning at the closest weather station to here. What's with THAT? Only draughty Moorabin was colder. Oh, and Scoresby, in the shade of the drippy Dandenongs.

Brrr. I'm going to turn up the heating now. And make more coffee.


Flea said...

That's great news. Perth is travelling at 19C max today, all sunny and warm!

Chris H said...

WOO HOOO, I'm thrilled for you mate!! Hate the idea of having to move twice, but that's the price you pay for a gorgeous new home... I sooo envy you!!! ONe day... until then I do love my home.

Kek said...

Thanks for rubbing that in, may have got to 12 here, and it's COLD. Boohoo!

Oh, and I DID stay in pj all day. At least until 3:30pm anyway. I needed to go to the supermarket and I just thought it a good idea to get dressed first.

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