Friday, June 22, 2007

Winter solstice

So, what's the GOOD thing about the shortest, darkest day of the cold, cold winter? Give up? OK, it means that from today, the days begin to get longer again. :) More sunlight is a very good thing in my book....

So last night, I was sitting on the couch, attempting to do the sudoku in The Age (which by the way, I gave up on, because the bloody thing was rated 'diabolical' AND IT WAS!!), when I happened to glance to the left and saw the astrology column. I still can't comprehend exactly why a stuffy broadsheet newspaper like The Age even has an astrology column.

Anyway. Yesterday's startling prediction was:

Even Saggitarians need periods of introspection and reflection to take a break and recharge their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual batteries - and today's winter solstice is precisely that time.

Huh. Now I don't feel at all guilty about staying in my pjs all morning, doing no training, spending 2 hours getting my hair done, ignoring the dirty floors and giving the kids 2-minute noodles for dinner.


Chris H said...

Well I hope all that "introspection and relection" made up for leaving your poor family utter crap for dinner!! And you call yourself a mother??? Mine are getting biscuits, cereal bars, rice pudding, lollies and popcorn!!! Think that's any better??? At least mine get a CHOICE of crap !!! lol.... hope you have a wonderful weekend girl.

Debstar said...

I live with Sagatarians , my father is a Sagatarian, I knew you was a Sagatarian. I keep gettimg underscores when I type Sagatarian How the hell do you spell it anyway???? I've gotta give up the red wine!!!!
BTW I like Sagatarians.
U know what the word verification is tonight??? vapomdhp WTF? This is difficult njow its something different I've stuiffed up. Yikes!!!

Kek said...

LOL - Deb, you know word verification thingies don't mix with red wine....

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