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I'm looking for recommendations for accommodation in Fiji..... we've been before, and stayed at a little, family owned 3-star piece of slow-paced paradise on the Coral Coast. That was fabulous, but the resort has since been demolished, rebuilt and expanded into a huge 5-star place owned by one of the big chains. Which might be nice, but I'm looking for other ideas.

I love the idea of somewhere a bit more remote and less touristy, but additional long flights or boat trips with kids don't really appeal. The 5-and-a-half hour flight to Nadi was a big enough trial last time. Thankfully, The Baby is no longer a 2-year old in nappies. requirements are:

Gorgeous beaches
Comfortable accommodation. Luxurious would be nice.
Good food
A pool - preferably with a bar nearby :)
Plenty of quiet spots for reading (or snoozing)
No hordes of drunken backpackers
Obviously, not a honeymooner's retreat....they might not take too kindly to our kids
Coral reefs close to shore for snorkelling

Any suggestions welcome!


Chris H said...

You wanna go there even with the political climate the way it is there? WE (in NZ) have been advised not to go there! As I have never been there can't help you with recommendations... good luck.

Kek said...

That's interesting; our government downgraded their travel warning and now only advises travellers to exercise caution. We have no fears about Fiji at all - every time there's been a coup, tourists staying at resorts had no idea about it until they got home.

Things are calm at the moment and if anything flares up again, it'll be in Suva. We don't plan on going there - there are way nicer places to visit amongst the islands.

Besides, Fiji has no issues with Australia or Australians, the trouble is all internal. And a bit of military unrest makes prices soooo cheap! ;)

Lyn said...

Don't stay at Sonasali!!! Was really crappy beaches ... mud flats! Nice pool and rooms but food was very expensive.

We went for a day trip out to treasure island and that seemed really nice... beaches were beautiful!!!!

Petra said...

Sorry can't help you ... but I would love to go to Fiji one day.

I could go for a sneak preview, doing some research... hehe, like that travel agency chick in the add for I think 'Flight Centre'... LOL

I am sure you'll have a great time and I am sure you'll be there between coups anyway. ;-)

LizN said...

It's been so long since I've been OS. Can't comment about Fiji though - I've only been to Nadi airport on a stopover.

Liz N

Sue said...

Sorry Kek, I've never been to Fiji, love to go but have never gone that far.

Pip said...


I went a few years ago, - didn't really stay in accommodation to your requirements, instead basic backpacker style, - think longdrops, cold water outdoor showers on sand flats, really great trip though!

However one of our islands on that tour was an exception as in nicer beaches, food and accommodation. The island is called Nanuya Lailai and is in/near the Yasawa Island group. Beaches there are gorgeous,clean, kayaking and snorkelling from the shore is possible and excellent, it's rather remote, very scenic. Food and cocktails are presented very nicely, staff are friendly! And there are great uphill 45 min walks to Fijian Villages right on the beach where we got opportunity to see island culture, visit a school which looked as advanced as schools primary schools in NZ as in who the kids presented themselves and what they learnt. It was the nicest accommodation on the tour and we wished we were there longer! We sailed past Treasure Island, - very nice looking!

I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time! Mum and Dad were recently over and they stayed at Sofitel near Nadi and loved it! But I don't think the beaches there are as spectacular as the islands.


Sara said...

The NZ High Commissioner was booted out of Fiji for saying something about democracy and getting invited to a rugby game... or something. Kiwi`s are being harrassed apparently but Aussies should be ok.
Anyway, we stayed at the `First Landing` resort and it was great. Not much of a swimming beach but everything else, pool, bar, outdoor dining, sunset, private burre (with aircon). It was middle of the range, pricewise. When we went it was during the trial of George Speit and Suva was a bit rough with military presence. In the resort and on the little islands, no sign of it.
(in Leichtenstein)

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