Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Since I canned the whole figure competition thing, I really need a new goal or two. At the moment, I'm toying with the idea of doing one of the Around the Bay events in October. Not the 200km+ events, which only crazy people will be doing. Er.... and Bike Boy. Me, I'm thinking about perhaps a less taxing 50km ride.

Which of course means that I need to get out and TRAIN. My bike is probably sporting spiderwebs again by now, since I haven't been on it in ages. It's not nice outside!

Edit: Just in reply to those who apparently think I'm being a sook, I offer the following clarification:

a) I am extremely sensitive to the cold and have very poor circulation in my hands and feet. Thanks Mum, for that piece of genetic inheritance! Going around with numb, yet strangely painful fingers and toes isn't my idea of fun.

b) cycling isn't like walking - you can't head off on your bike in a parka, beanie, scarf and woolly gloves. It just doesn't work. At some point you have to start stripping off layers, and then what do you do with them? And no, I'm not adding a dinky little basket with plastic daisies to my handlebars. So you have to just start off freezing your arse off, which - see point a)

c) It wasn't just the temperature I was referring to - this week we've been subjected to winds averaging between 70-100kmh. Hands up who can cycle in those kind of conditions? I can barely keep my car on the road at times!

d) I have a spin bike, so indoor training is not an issue. BUT, if you want to train for an outdoor ride, you have to... like... do at least some of your training outdoors. On an actual bike that goes places.

So, not sooking, just trying to psych myself up to endure a pretty unpleasant experience once a week or so. :(

Have I mentioned my hatred of winter?


Chris H said...

Oh come on, the weather isn't that bad over there! Dust off the cobwebs and get to it, you know you want to!

Sienna said...

lol. I agree with Chris... put on some winter woolies and you kick that crazy biker boy's butt!

Deb said...

My bike looks beatuiful on teh trainer right next to my bed. I've been out but it's tough when it's not especially nice out. Get yourself a trainer!

SeLiNa said...


Kathryn said...

What's wrong with baskets with flowers? I really want one :)

You aren't being a sook - it's a damn cold winter!

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