Monday, July 16, 2007

A few more pics

Yes, I want glutes like those girls...... but I'm so not wearing a G!! The waxing, the tanning, the training and dieting don't freak me out. But hanging my bare arse out onstage? Now, THAT is the definition of fear!

And I also won't be doing this:

Those fitness girls are amazing with their bendiness and flexiness and all the standing on their hands and one-armed pushups and backflips.... Just posing in 6-inch heels without falling over will be enough of a challenge for me.


mai said...

great bodies!

blog hopping!


FatBlokeThin said...

I recently watched a documentary in the UK about male body-building and was shocked at the way some of the competitors 'abused' their bodies - not just the obvious drugs but using extreme dehydration to achieve the desired definition, with some competitors collapsing after events.

I am sure you are sensible enough to avoid those pitfalls but be careful as it can become addictive!

Doesn't do it for me on any level really. Just an observation!

Pip said...

Those shows are amazing Kek! I was in awe with all the advanced moves/flexibility and ability of the girls to move in time/be in sync in high heels when I watched a couple of shows in Perth last year.

Sure I'll see you doing it too next year! Glad you enjoyed the day.


Chris H said...

If your butt looked like that, why the hell not????

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