Thursday, July 05, 2007


Today I had a meeting with someone who's going to help me with my online training business. At times I have more clients wanting to sign on than I can really handle, and one of two things happens: Either I have to reluctantly say "sorry, can't help you" and turn them away, which makes me feel all sad and guilty. Or (more likely) I take them on anyway, and then find myself trying to be all things to all people, and guess whose needs end up being ignored? Yep, yours truly.

So, the time has come to put away my superwoman costume and ask for help. I have the right person all lined up - I just need to finalise a few things, then I'll be making an announcement. And maybe updating my website at last.

Funny thing, I went to the doctor today to get the results of my 6-monthly blood tests and get my liver poked (she calls it an examination. I call it poking), and her first words were "you look tired". I laughed and explained exactly WHY I'm tired and she gave me some advice, which was: Learn to push the "no" button.

She's a smart lady.

And by the way, my haemoglobin has hit an all-time high of 12.7. I knew that hysterectomy was a good idea.


Debstar said...

"learn to push the no button". I bet you have trouble finding it. Here's an idea - round your lips then say "NO' do this exercise over and over until you get it right.

Chris H said...

Do we even have a "NO" button??? Hell, if ya find yours, let me know where it is. I'm hoping I end up getting a hysterectomy too mate! Sure would be welcome.

LizN said...

No wonder you don't feel "clucky" anymore. Isn't nice to feel the haemoglobin rise? I think I know who your young apprentice may be :)


SeLiNa said...

That's great that things have taken off so well!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smart choice in getting assistance... ;)

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