Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ooh la la!

I've always had a "thing" for TV chef Gabriel Gate, ever since I was about 20. *sigh* He's cute, charming, he can cook up a storm, but honestly, the thing that makes me want to run away wiz 'im is zat French accent of heez.

So, it's always a huge bonus for me that SBS include a segment featuring my favourite Frenchman in their broadcast of Le Tour every night. Oh, AND the fact that it's early in the program is helpful, since I'm usually asleep half an hour into the actual event.

Add to all that the fact that it's a COOKING segment, featuring recipes from whatever region Le Tour is currently passing through, and for about 5 minutes each night, I am in HEAVEN.

These Liege Waffles from Stage 3 look absolutely divine....and I'm sure they'd be excellent for a post-workout recovery meal. Well, maybe if you're a Tour de France cyclist, anyway.


That big scoop of ice cream reminds me of the time that Sara and I had waffles with ice cream for breakfast in Darling Harbour.... we ordered them with banana, which was at least a concession to healthy eating. The teenager behind the counter decided (without consulting us) that since she was out of bananas, ice cream with a vile-looking artificially coloured yellow syrup would be a good substitute. Um, yeah.


Sara said...

I was amazed and delighted to discover that in Australia FRUIT = ICECREAM. It almost made me want to move there. ;)

Chris H said...

HUMPH< show me more pictures of yummy evil food why don't ya????? Going to drool in a corner now...

Debstar said...

Yeah, I only manage to stay awake for the cooking too. Yummm those waffles look good.
Go Cadel. Coming 2nd. How good is that. He looks like he has a pretty bad cough, hope he doesn't get any sicker.

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