Thursday, July 19, 2007


Why is it that, as soon as we're told not to do something, we have this overwhelming urge to do exactly the thing we've been told not to?

I was just thinking about CT scans (don't ask why - I have no idea either), and the little warning label on the machine right above your face that says "DO NOT LOOK AT THE LASER", and how I really have to battle to think about other stuff, because otherwise my eyes are drawn to that damn laser!!

So I lay there thinking "la, la, la....what shall I have for breakfast once this is over? Coffee, of course, what else? ....Must. Not. Look. At. Laser. ....Hmm, wonder how many Black Eyed Peas songs I can think of? ....Bloody disobedient eyes. Don't LOOK! ....Gee, thank goodness I remembered to wear a sports crop top - I hate having to get all undressed and put on a backless gown because I was stupid and forgetful and wore an underwire bra. ....GAH! Don't look at that thing!!"

Food's a bit the same for me: Mmm, chocolate. No! Don't think about chocolate! Uh-oh. Now you've done it, gonna think about nothing BUT chocolate.

Mind control, that's what I need.

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Chris H said...

You and me both mate! And who said "chocolate"???? I did not read that ...I did not...

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