Sunday, July 01, 2007

Things to get excited about

1. Le Tour de France starts on the 7th July.

2. The INBA All Female Classic is coming up on the 14th July. And Selina is coming all the way from Mackay especially to see it. And to visit with moi, of course.

3. My spin bike should be ready to pick up this coming Tuesday. :D


Debstar said...

YES! Tour De France - can hardly wait. I love a good blood sport.

Kek said...


Sue said...

Thanks Kerryn for your kind words, I was hoping that I wasn't going to offend anyone with my post as I do want people to tell me what they think when they think it. I have dug out my BFL book and made some copies of things, may not do another challenge but definitaly take my bfores and afters for myself. Thanks again

Shauna said...

WOOOHOO nothing like watching King of the Mountain and thinking, "wow, this is exhausting to watch" :P

roll on Spin Bike day, woohoo!

SeLiNa said...

AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

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