Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Yesterday marked the beginning of my Afterburn 16-week program. Today's workout included T-pushups. Talk about a humbling experience.... I feel as though I'm back to beginner status in the gym. I actually found myself hiding down the back where nobody could see me while I fumbled through them.

In case you're wondering, these are T-pushups, only I don't use a band. Uh, yeah - thank goodness:

I'm feeling my way with some new moves this week, but plan to get serious and crank things up a notch or three next week.

Tomorrow it's bike intervals again!


Jadey said...

That's kind of BLOODY CRAZY!

Chris H said...

I too am going to be stepping it up from now on! Been so slack lately!

Amy said...


Lyn said...

Ouch that look sore!!!

BeepBeep said...

That soundtrack is doing wonders for them tho..

Debstar said...

He could have done it harder and had one leg in the air as well. What a sook! lol

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