Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vive le Tour!

It's that time of year again - Le Tour de France is on once again, and at a VERY inconsiderate time, I must say. Bike Boy has been very restrained, and has only stayed up watching to the bitter end for one out of the 3 stages that have been run so far. At least it was worthwhile - he did get to see Robbie McEwen come back from a bad crash to take out the green jersey.

Me, I have to be satisfied with the highlights on the net the next morning - I need my beauty sleep!

So, last night's effort featured a crash so spectacular, that I'm sure even Debstar would be satisfied. It must have taken out half the peloton, and blocked most of the rest, only a couple of kms from the finish line. Exciting stuff! Makes my worst bike crashes look like a tumble onto a pile of feather-filled mattresses.


In other news, Bike Boy thought he'd have a go at my Spinervals workout the other day. He found it challenging. I asked him afterwards if he'd enjoyed it and he just muttered "enjoy might be a bit strong...."

He got through the whole thing, and at a far greater intensity than I managed, so I didn't laugh at him too much. Even when he was sweating all over the floor and swearing through gritted teeth. You gotta love a workout that makes you curse!


Chris H said...

Ha ha, I love a work out that just makes me sweat , full stop end of story. I curse enough already, don't give me ideas!

Debstar said...

I can't believe this, last night I waited for the shortened version on SBS at 6pm and my hubbys family lobbed up. Who does that....at dinner time.....during The Tour?? Then they talked through the whole thing. I was NOT impressed. I did get to see the fall and go ooooooh...eeekkkkk! Some of those guys looked like they rode to the finish line with broken body bits.
Now that take determination.

Kek said...

Deb, just go online and watch it as many times as you like - Either the SBS site or the official Tour site. I'm off to see last night's highlights.

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