Monday, August 27, 2007

A little sunshine, anyone?

The weather has been fabulous lately - and I've noticed a distinct improvement in my mood. I know there's a connection.

To top off the past few days of mild balminess, today is going to be 24 degrees - unbelievably warm for August. Looks like Spring has arrived early.

*blows a raspberry to Winter* :)


Cherub said...

Know what you're saying! I love this time of year.

Chris H said...

While you are blowing raspberries at winter, blow some of that warm air over here would ya? It's about 10 degrees here today with a freezing cold wind coming off the snow on the hills!

Flea said...

Now that's just unfair, Perth is grey and wet, a stupid 15C yesterday and so far we sit on 17 today. Apparently the sun will shine by late Wednesday ... I'm sure can feel the depression settling in. I just hate winter! Kids stay sick and every thing is wet and cold, boo hooo!
Enjoy some rays for me too please.

Debstar said...

Just looking at that sun make me feel happy!!!!!

All our plants have begun their spring blooming. Spring is definately in the air here.

Chris, I'm hogging my good weather. You'll just have to go find your own or maybe Kek will be nice to you and send you hers.

LizN said...

Yes it's great in Brissie too :)


liz said...

I love it!! You're right - its an instant mood lifter!
When are we gonna see some pics of this brand spanking new place??

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