Thursday, August 23, 2007


Shauna was waxing sentimental on her blog about having given up her old Aussie driver's licence for a shiny new British one, which reminded me of something marginally related....

MY old licence, from 1991 had the BEST photo on it. I was 30 years old (so a lot fresher and shinier and yes, YOUNGER than now), and had taken the time to apply makeup and do my hair, especially for the piccie. And despite the fact that I had a 3 year old welded to my leg, I smiled - not too much, but just enough - and ended up with a great licence photo. The big hair is pretty funny now, but the face.....that's noice.

Then in 2001 my licence was up for renewal. I had a day off work for some reason that I can't recall now, and was driving past the RTA, so thought I'd pop in and take care of it. Now here's the proof that I was obviously suffering from some sort of temporary dementia: I was wearing NO makeup, my hair needed cutting and my roots needed doing, and I'd just dragged a comb through it, without even an attempt at styling. Oh, and I was wearing this drab dark green jumper that added an unflattering hue to my skin tone.

The new licence arrived in the mail and I couldn't believe how bad it was. And OH MY GOD! I'm stuck with this for the next 10 years?? You'd think I'd have learned something from the passport photo debacle a couple of years earlier. What can I say? I'm a slow learner.

Every time I have to produce ID for something (which, lately, seems like 17 times a day), I cringe as I pull that thing out of my purse. I keep expecting someone to challenge me, because it looks like a completely different person - maybe my overweight, much older aunt or something?

3 and a half more years till I can get it replaced. Unless maybe I lose it in the meantime...


Kathryn said...

I got a licence photo done once where I looked like a full-on biker moll!!! Luckily it was only a replacement licence so I only needed it for about a year but no one ever doubted it was me when I used it for ID!!!

I reckon if someone set up a makeover caravan outside Vicroads, they'd make a fortune.

Debstar said...

You could lose it accidentally on purpose.

Pleased to see you have somewhere to live. phew

One more question for you. What happened about getting someone else working in the PT business. I've been waiting patiently to hear further after you mentioned it ages ago.

Jadey said...

If it's that horrendous just go to VicRoads and pay $18 for a new one. And ask them to retake your photo while you look amazing.

KatieP said...

Be careful what you wish for, mine was stolen with my wallet when I was mugged :(
But it was an ugly fat spotty chipmonk cheek photo that I hated and my new licence photo has a skinny spotless face on a good hair day. It sure is nice pulling out your licence when you at least think you actually look good :)

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