Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good riddance!

I'm glad to see the end of this past week. It's been a remarkably crappy one. Although, come to think of it, there were a few good things that happened.... perhaps I should summarise the good and the bad.

The bad:

We still don't have anywhere to live. Yeah, that's bad. 18 days left till we have to move out, and nowhere to go.

We had a garage sale. Ugh. I hate having garage sales. People are complete arseholes - they don't just want a bargain, they want to screw you completely and get your stuff for free. Early callers piss me off big time - one bloke had three tries at getting an early look at our crap, even coming round and trying to get the kids to let him in while we weren't home. Good thing my kids are smarter than that. Plus, all the back-breaking work that goes into setting one up - sheesh!

Surgery sucks. I lost a day of my life lying around in a backless hospital gown, I can't breathe, I'm sure I'm creating a universal tissue shortage with all the drippiness, and I've had maybe 5 hours sleep over the past two nights.

My house is a pig sty and, in spite of feeling crappy I really have to spend today doing all the washing that I haven't had time to do. Otherwise nobody will have any school or work clothes for the week.

Due to all of the above, I'm a million miles behind in my work. So on top of the housework and washing, I'll have to spend today working to catch up. Damn! I always try to take Sundays off, but not this week.

The good:

We got all our colours and fittings and electrical stuff picked for the new house. It was a major effort, taking the better part of an entire day, and adding several thousand onto the cost - but hey, who wants basic, standard stuff, when you can have really fancy things?

We made $800 selling old crap that we didn't want at our garage sale. And we now have a lot less old crap to move or get rid of.

My surgery was way less distressing than the other 5 treatments I've had. And I was treated like a human. And I got to lie around reading my UltraFit magazine for hours without a single twinge of guilt. And I actually get a follow-up appointment with my specialist. And the hospital bill to me was zero. Ah, I love my private heath cover.

We went out for dinner last night and had a great time catching up with old friends we hadn't seen for ages. There was lots of reminiscing over 'the olden days', great food, and we laughed so much and so loud, we were disturbing everyone else in the room.

I did a leg workout on Tuesday that left me crippled for 3 days. That made me smile. When I wasn't groaning, anyway.

That pretty much sums up my week. Roll on Monday!


Chris H said...

HA! So I wasn't the only slacker lying around on a hospital bed in a backless green gown eh? Lucky you, they were only up ya nose, with me they were up me twat!!!!! Too funny! Hope you are feeling a bit better now, don't sneeze! Come to think of it , I don't want to either! Fingers crossed you find somewhere to live soon! Must be hard.

Kathryn said...

Garage sales are exhausting! Good to get money for your stuff though.

We have some empty rooms at our place :D

LizN said...

Hope this week is a stellar one for you :)


Flea said...

Hiya Kek, I haven't been over in a loong while! Great to catch up with your life, blog and training! Good luck in finding a house, I'll keep my fingers crossed! Sorry to hear you were in hospital, I hope you are surely better now and what? You made $800 on a garage sale ... gosh and we were proud of our $100 once, good on ya. Take care, H

Unknown said...

A new week a fresh start! lol- at least until Monday begins! Good luck with the house hunting.

Debstar said...

I promise I will never have a sook about you not posting again (even in my head). Boo! to the crap week, though there were some nice bits in there. You can't complain about catching up with old friends and having a good laugh.

Tiffany said...

hiya. i hate early callers too! not only do u get up at 6am but some slacker decides to come around while ur getting the last seconds of sleep. .. scramble to the door only to say 'no theres no crockery' sheesh and true people screw you over big time! along with being second hand stuff they think jus coz its a garage sale its sold that day or never.. we had a garage sale running 3-4 weekends to get rid of all our stuff! good luck with getting a new place to live, the best tip i have that helped us is (for renting) offer extra weeks on top of what they are asking in advance.. thats how you win in the current rental squeeze.

Kristy said...

Hi Kerryn

I was just wondering if you have the Precision Nutrtion v2.0 pack and how do you find it? I just want to know if it is worthwhile spending the $180 australian.

Also have you had a chance to have a look at the Afterburn program yet?

Thanks for your help

Unknown said...

The `Olden Days` ? Heh.. you`re not exactly ancient, sweets!

I think I`ll have to hold a garage sale when I get back so that I can eat. Europe is more expensive than I remember! $800 eh... that`s a good days work!

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