Friday, August 03, 2007

Great reasons to have kids - #37

Your 19-year-old uni student son gets a part time job at Dick Smith Powerhouse, which means that you get a big fat discount on a new laptop.


Debstar said...

Yep, it sure beats having kids working in a cake shop and bakery.

I preferred it when one of them worked for Just Jeans.

Chris H said...

Ha!!! My son went to work at Dominoes Pizzas, I get 1/4 price Pizzas, that I SHOULD NOT BE EATING!!!! Life is not fair.... why couldn't he go to work at a Womens Clothing Store?????? Or a Shoe/Bag shop???? *Hanging head, big pout*

liz said...

AND you get to have first pick of all the S & D stock before it goes in the clearance bin!! Yay!! My husband worked for Officeworks once and we got heaps of bargains on stuff that they would have thrown out - what a waste!

Pip said...

Sounds good Kek!

A travel agency, a neat clothing store or a gym would be on top of my list for my best mate to work at!

Computer/technology shops would be right up there though!

I'd put my parents to shame though, (if I worked in the same country as them!) I used to work at a pub/bistro, - have upgraded to work at a pastry/cake/bakery/croissant shop/catering outlet.

Chris, - I'll try to put you off Dominos LOL! 4 months ago I ordered a home delivered prawn Dominos pizza one Friday night and ate it around 9pm. Went to bed straight after and woke up at 4am feeling really ill, started vomiting, the runs and all and for a day had NEVER felt so sick, - even too sick to sit and focus on telly! The pizza was luke warm instead of hot, (sat perhaps too long before delivery) - I think it was food poisoning and will never eat it again!


Unknown said...

My brother works at Dick Smith... Great discounts! It's fab!

I am very sorry- I have been guilty of texting you late- After the gym in the supermarket asking about tofu... Realised as soon as I sent it how dumb it was to text so late (10ish) but lost track of time. Stoopid girl! Sorry! *blush*

Hope you can forgive me!

I'll email you my report for the week tonight. But I can say I stayed the same weight but dropped 2% body fat- My leggies are SORE from a very hard session 2 days ago.


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