Friday, August 31, 2007

Life lessons: moving house with children

Bike Boy's bright idea: dismantle the bunk beds today to save some time tomorrow, and allow the little boys to sleep on mattresses on the floor tonight. Great, thinks I. That will work. It'll be like camping!

Yeah. I just had to go settle a fairly major stoush, involving full-on punching, wrestling and loud wailing. Seems that the thought of moving from the only home they've ever known is more than a little unsettling. Then just add the excitement factor of having your brother lying within hitting distance, and you have all the ingredients for a major drama.

Sheesh. I seem to recall that I once thought kids would be no trouble at all..... Stoopid!!


LizN said...

Yeah, I've been through that - two terrors sleeping together on nothing but mattresses...oooh yeah! Best of luck with the move. I'm surprised to see you blogging today:)
LIz n

Sara said...

Ok, I did it and it's all your fault and I'll never sleep again.
Saeco Royal Professional WITH cupwarmer and milk frother thingo. I'm in love.

You're a bad influence on me...

Hope the moving is going well. I think the kiddos probably are feeling a bit overstimulated and maybe a bit unsettled but it's good for them in the long run to learn to adapt to lifes little ups and downs. Congrats on holding it together.

Debstar said...

I had a good laugh imagining your kids wacking each other while on their mattresses. Probably because they're your kids not mine.

Deb said...

I grew up with FIVE brothers (yep...the nly girl and right in the middle!) It was no picnic. Boys+floor space = injuries. Enjoy! ;)

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