Saturday, August 25, 2007

My week in brief

The snuffling and sniffing and general misery has improved to the point where I'm actually sleeping all night. More or less. This is a very good thing, because another night of only 3 or 4 interrupted hours of sleep and I may well have become suicidal. Or perhaps homicidal.

Thank goodness for mothers! Mine came over and spent an afternoon helping me wrap and pack stuff for the move, and we got through an amazing amount of stuff. I have lots more to do, but at least we've made a start.

We signed the lease this morning and we'll pick up the keys on Thursday. We've given ourselves a full week to move everything and do a thorough clean-up here before settlement. That should be plenty.

The middle child was struck down with the lurgy for 3 days (he had us pretty worried for a while there) but made a remarkable recovery last night - just in time to go to the footy today with his uncle and cousin.

In spite of the sickness, the snottiness, all the cleaning, packing, organising and work still ahead, I feel remarkably calm and un-stressed. Not like me at all. I even went shopping today and managed not to disembowel any inept/rude/slow shop assistants. Go, me!

We're off out for dinner tonight - it's my best friend's birthday and Bike Boy and I are kidnapping her and taking her out to feed her up and get her drunk. As all best friends are honour-bound to do. I love birthdays - other people's are almost as much fun as mine.



Chris H said...

I did appreciate your advice re My consumption of water or lack thereof..... it makes me gag honestly!!! I did a 10 day detox and gained 2 kilos.... either because I did not drink enough (for sure) or I ate too much fruit. Either way, it did not have the desired effect in weight loss, but it did kick start my desire to eat healthily again and cut out a lot of the crap food that had crept in over the months. Now that I am over my wee surgery I am hoping to get back into my exercise routine properly too, so that should also help to get the weight dropping again. I am ever hopeful. I am so glad things are looking up for you too mate, the move coming up and the illnesses going.

Debstar said...

I hope it is only your friend that ends up drunk. Looks like things are definately looking up.

Deb said...

feed her and get er that's a friend!!! ;)

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