Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On the move

I pick up the keys to our temporary home tomorrow, and I'll start moving some boxes, bags and other stuff over the next couple of days. The main move will be over the weekend and we expect to be living at the new place by Sunday night. We've recruited some of Number One Son's mates to help with the heavy stuff, offering bribes in the form of pizza and beer, so hopefully it'll all be pretty easy.

We'll have gas, electricity and water from tomorrow, but the phone won't be connected till Tuesday. Which is better than Telstra's effort when we moved in here and had to wait 4 months to get a phone. Unbelievable, but entirely true!

So, although the line will still be connected here, I'll be trekking back and forth between the houses, moving and unpacking, so I doubt I'll have any time for blogging.

And for Liz: photos will undoubtedly be forthcoming, but not for a few days.


Cherub said...

I always found pizza and beer to be staples for the men when moving.

Chris H said...

Good luck with the move, and thanks for your kind words yesterday sweetie.

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