Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quick update

Yes, we DO have somewhere to live. And it's nice. We passed on all the ratholes and decided to a) part with an obscene amount of money and b) move north and endure the endless roadworks, all so that we could get a nice, clean, BRAND NEW house to rent. Complete with cooling to get us through the summer. :)


I'm finally on the mend, and have even managed to breathe through my nose for a few minutes at a time on a couple of occasions.


The Middle Child is as sick as a dog with a nasty virus and a temperature of 39.5. Just what I need when I have packing to do, work to catch up on and a billion errands to run.


Deb said...

Awesome on the house!!!It's always a give and take somehow. Sounds like you got the good end of the deal on this one!

LizN said...

Fantastic news on the house kiddo :)

Flea said...

Woof! Atchie shooo! (or how ever it's spelled) same here , sick as a dog both me and my little man. Training is happening ... NOT!
Speedy recovery to your young one!

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