Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's noice, it's different, it's unusual...

Not being much of a TV watcher these days, I'd lost touch with what's on, what's hot and what's coming up on the tube. But while killing time on a crowded peak hour train today, I couldn't manouvre The Age into a readable position. Train seats really need to be wider, to allow for proper reading of broadsheets.

Anyway, to pass the time, I read the tabloid-sized Green Guide instead - and discovered that there's a new series of Kath and Kim starting on Sunday night.

Which everyone else in the entire world probably knew already.


Chris H said...

Oh shit, I hope we get it here!!! Those two crack me up big time, I just LOVE THEM....but don't tell any other kiwis that! We are supposed to hate you bloody aussies!

Debstar said...

Look at moi, look at moi.
he he he

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