Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tagged (again)

This time, Kathryn is the guilty part-ay.

Jobs I’ve Held: Personal trainer, bank manager, veterinary assistant, electoral Returning Officer, worm farmhand.

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over: Fargo, Muriel's Wedding, The Jerk.....lots of others, can't think of them at the moment though

My Guilty Pleasures: I don't feel guilty about much. Um...maybe reading the odd trash magazine?

Places I have lived: Melbourne

Shows I enjoy: Malcolm in the Middle - it's compulsory to squeeze onto the couch to watch this every night with my boys, even though they're repeats and we've seen 'em all a gazillion times. Mostly I just watch DVDs. Current faves are: Angel, The Royle Family, Life on Mars.

Places I Have Been on Holiday: Fiji, Hamilton Island, Thailand, every state in Australia except for the NT. Been to Tassie several times - I love Tassie.

Favorite Foods: Chocolate. Duh!

Websites I Visit Daily: Lots.

Body Parts I Have Injured: Nothing significant. No spectacular broken bones, nothing requiring surgery or plaster or anything dramatic at all. Oh except, I've had stitches in my head twice and in a foot as well.

Awards I’ve Won: Body-for-LIFE category 2004. And Bike Boy; he tells me he's a prize.

Nicknames You’ve Been Called: Kekkie. So named by my toddler cousin when I was about 3 or 4 years old and she couldn't pronounce my name. Picked up by the rest of the family and shortened to Kek over the years.

And I tag - anyone who wants to play!


Deb said...

Love Malcom in the Middle! That show is hilarious...

Kathryn said...

Worm farmhand - that cracks me up. Did you have to brand the worms?

Another Life on Mars fan, it's an awesome show, isn't it. Can't wait for the follow up series next year.

Shauna said...

Oooh Royle Family! I just watched the whole thing on DVD coz somehow i missed it when it was on in Oz. Have you seen the xmas special they did last year? I bawled my eyes oot!

And life on mars rocks... john simm, mrrrrrrrrowr! :)

SeLiNa said...

Hey kekky,
Hope things are going better for you and you're feeling more motivated and elevated and enthusiastic... or just settle with feeling OK?!
Have a nice weekend.
Give Aaron a big *tongue poke* for me ;P

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