Monday, August 06, 2007

Wanted: 3BR, 2 bth, dbl LUG

We have approximately 4 weeks to find somewhere to live. Who knew it would be so difficult? We're not terribly fussy - all we need is 3 bedrooms (although 4 would be nice), preferably 2 bathrooms and a garage or large shed to store our excess crap. And we'd really like the place to be within walking distance of the kids' schools. Apart from that, clean and not rat-infested would be good. And we really don't want to sign a 3 year lease, thanks very much. God, I hope it doesn't take that long to build our new place.

So far, no luck. Everything we've seen is either a dump with no storage space at all, or it's a two-storey townhouse with not enough room for cat-swinging (if you're that way inclined) and no air con. NO AIR CON? Upstairs in summer? I think not.

I shall press on intrepidly. I just found a listing for a 3 bedroom-plus-study fake Victorian terrace with 3 bathrooms and a double garage. The rent isn't too frightening and it's not out in the sticks. It doesn't LOOK like it's about to fall down. I'm still trying to figure out the catch. Bats nesting in the garage? Drummer living next door? Crystal-meth lab operating across the road? Perhaps the park opposite is the regular venue for nude Saturday night Satan worshipping? I guess I'll find out when I ring yet another agent tomorrow.


Sue said...

It sounds like a fun place to be, do ring the realestate agent and I think we should all come around for the Saturday night nude satan worshipping ;o

Kek said...

I hope you don't mind if it's BYO sacrificial goat or chook, Sue?

Chris H said...

That's the only downside of building I suppose, the having to rent and move all ya stuff twice! That's what puts Stew off bigtime! I am determined to do it next time we move, .... good luck hope the next place you see is 'it'.

LizN said...

Yeah, I've been there recently. But keep at it. You will find somewhere soon.


Clara said...

So long as it's not bats in your belfry bats in the garage would work. ;)


SeLiNa said...

So did you get that house!?!?
Are you back on the wagon, the wagon which is your bike?!

Kek said...

Can't view that one till the 16th...some problem with the current tenants or some such crap. I'm looking at another this afternoon, and a couple more tomorrow.

We'll find something. I saw a nice bus shelter the other day...

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