Friday, August 31, 2007

What to do, what to do?

Miraculously, I find myself mid-move with a few moments to spare. What to write?

Let's see......well, I tragically lost the ball off my favourite belly bar on Wednesday. I spent ages scouring the 6-storey building where I work, looking for a tiny glittering object, but no luck. I suspect the cleaners vacuumed it up. Or maybe it fell into the toilet and got flushed. Whatever, I'm really, REALLY pissed off about it.

I even resorted to (embarrassingly) crawling about the conference room, looking for it. That gave rise to some curious looks. Stuffy government types don't seem to understand the term "belly bar". Or they don't quite see the relationship to me, dressed in my conservative corporate best.

I rang Bike Boy and had a whinge about it at some point, and when I got home, he handed me a small bag. He'd gone and bought me a new, shiny piece of belly bling!

Who's got the bestest husband in the entire world? - I do! :)


Moving officially sucks. We've barely started, and I'm already over it. Tomorrow we actually move furniture - up to now, it's been boxes, bags, pot plants and bits and pieces.

Great. Can't wait.


OK, what sort of moron builds a brand new house, and only puts ONE POWER POINT IN THE SPANKING NEW KITCHEN? What the HELL is that about?

Where is one supposed to plug in the phone, the microwave, the kettle, the toaster, the blender, the food processor, the coffee machine?


When moving, coffee, red wine and 70% cocoa chocolate are absolute essentials. Really. It simply cannot be managed without them.


Chris H said...

Awwww how nice of Bike Boy to get you new bling..... can just see you crawling around the floor in ya suit!!! Hope the move goes like clockwork and you are all settled (for now)....

Tracey said...

Oh I know that feeling of loosing the top off your belly bar all too well, i kept mine in with out the top on it for about a week whilst i scoured the house for it. It is suprising how well a bandaid held it in but at least not the most attractive thing.

Petra said...

Might have to fight you for the 'have the best hubby in the world title' but that's OK. It'll be a draw I am sure *LOL*.

I hate moving too, so I am staying put now and let hubby move on his own at the end of the year... hmm I think I'll hate that even more. Bugger.

Coffee, chocolates (lots of those), and beer are absolute essentials when we move.

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