Saturday, September 15, 2007

Powerful stuff

Yesterday morning the power went off at 7:00am. We rolled our eyes and complained (OK, I complained. A lot.) and just made do with instant coffee (ugh!) instead of the real, aromatic, delicious thing. Bleuch! Then everyone headed off to work and school, and by the time I dropped kids off, spent an hour at the osteopath, went to the post office, Medicare, the supermarket and then scoured the shops for appropriate gifts for Bike Boy's birthday, it was almost 12:00 before I got home. And the power was STILL off. Gah!

So I ring the power company hotline and the nice young man asked a lot of questions, tippy-tapped on his computer keyboard and informed me that there was no power outage at their end. Hmm. Following his instructions, I traipsed out to the meter box and gazed at a whole row of identical-looking switches. Um. No fuses. No wire to mend. This isn't what I'm used to... He asks me "Is the safety switch in the up or down position?" I locate the switch labelled "safety switch" and - oh! It's pointing DOWN, while all the other switches are pointing UP. Uh-oh. I flick it to the up position and it clicks straight back down. Double uh-oh.

The nice young man instructs me to turn off everything in the house, reset the safety switch, then turn on one appliance at a time, until I find the thing that's causing the circuit breaker to go nuts. Do you have any idea how many appliances there are in an average house? I'll tell you - 173. Or at least it seemed like it.

I turn everything off, reset the safety thingie and then stop and think. Hmm....which appliance is most likely to be the cause? I'm guessing something that draws a lot of power, and possibly something that's a bit old? Let's try....the beer fridge in the garage. I switch it on and BINGO! Unfortunately I don't win a prize, dammit. Instead, I get to transfer everything from the freezer into our other freezer in the kitchen. My hands end up with frostbite and I have several things left over that just won't fit. *sigh*

I ring Bike Boy to break the news. He requests that I put a 6-pack of beer in the (working) fridge for him, for when he gets home. He's very calm. He hangs up. I think he cries a little.

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Chris H said...

OOO dats funny, can imagine the man crying....

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