Friday, September 07, 2007

Settling in

Soooo, emails are almost all up to date, we've created some sort of order in a couple of rooms, and even space in the double garage for cars. Well, one car - you gotta put your excess crap somewhere. Anyway, I feel as though I can stop and take a breath now. *breathes in* *and out*

The house is actually nice - much bigger than our former home and of course, there are no 20-plus-year-old bits that need repairing. There are a few shortcomings, such as no linen cupboard, and a clothesline that you could maybe fit a dozen hankies on, not to mention stupid placement of power and TV points. But on the plus side we survived the move, we have an adequate roof over our heads, the sale of our old house settled yesterday, we have an appointment with the builder at the end of the month, and the kids safely negotiated the bus home yesterday. So all is good.

This afternoon I found 45 minutes or so to explore the neighbourhood a little, and I offer these slightly dodgy photos, taken with my phone, for your viewing pleasure:

The view across the street to where we'll be living sometime next year. (Yes, there will be a house, we don't plan to dig a burrow in a pile of dirt...)

There may not be many houses here yet, but the landscaping of public spaces is well underway. This path leads to the wetlands:

Whaddya know? There's actually wet in them there wetlands!

Also really ugly power lines. But hey, you can't build under them, so you may as well do something useful. I'm sure the ducks don't mind the visual pollution:

I crossed the road and ventured into the neighbouring park/conservation area, and was so busy watching out for crawly things amongst the grass (it may be a little early in the year for snakes, but you can never be too careful) that I almost didn't notice the group of roos eyeing me off suspiciously.

Yes, they could be rocks, tree stumps or clumps of grass. You'll just have to take my word for it that they're marsupials:

And here's some non-native wildlife, grazing on what's left of the farmland at the end of the street:

This concludes our tour of the neighbourhood for now. Stay tuned for further riveting instalments. Who knows, I may even take the camera next time.

Edit note: I should clarify (specially for you, Chris, and anyone else I've confused).... we're renting a house in the same housing estate where we're building. In fact, from our front porch, we look across the creek and onto the street where our land is. Those builders won't be able to get away with a thing!


Chris H said...

Those photos were of where you are living right now? or where you are going to be living once your house is built??? Or both? hmmmmmm, kangaroos eh? I BELIEVE you, really I do!

LizN said...

Hooray, she's back :)

Great to see you :)

Liz ;)

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