Monday, September 17, 2007

Spilling the beans

Since she's already outed herself, I can now stop biting my tongue and announce that my anonymous client who won the Body Blitz competition is none other than Batty F. Can I hear a big WOOHOO!! please?

If you were lucky enough to see her before and after photos on her old blog before she took them down, you'll know what a great job she did. If not, oh'll just have to wait till late October when the mag comes out, to see the pics in print. Take my word for it - she's one hot chick!

If she hadn't just started a new challenge today, I'd turn up on her doorstep with a celebratory bottle of champagne to share with her......aww, too bad, no champagne for you, girlie! ;)

Seriously though, this was a really stunning transformation and just goes to show what you can achieve with consistency and commitment. And not too many chocolate binges. :p


Chris H said...

Chocolate binges.... oh shit, tell me you didn't read my blog last night!!!!! I was evil *hanging head in shame*...

BeepBeep said...

Geez, if you're not coming for Champagne, i'll just have to drink this bottle myself...

Thanks, not only for your fantastic programs Kerryn, but for your subtle blend of depth and lightness when dealing with my fears and self-doubts.

Sara said...

Yay! I love her!
I'll just zip over there now and say congrats. And to YOU supertrainer, I owe you my financial stability (explained on my blog).

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