Monday, September 10, 2007


I was quiet yesterday, wasn't I? Well, that's because I spent most of the day IN BED, and the rest lying on the couch with a blankie and the DVD remote. I'm seriously thinking of putting my kids up for adoption, the germy buggers......except I'm sure nobody would take them.

Anyway, first thing this morning I rang my GP to make an appointment for myself and The Baby, since we're both in imminent danger of dying from sore throats, coughing, fever and general grumpiness. But guess what? I couldn't get an appointment! Nooooo, you have to know in advance when you're going to be sick, so that you can ring and book an appointment days ahead. I couldn't even get in to see one of the other doctors at the clinic. It's can all the appointments be taken already at 9:00am on Monday? *sigh*

So I rang the local 7-11 clinic instead. That's what Bike Boy calls them - you know, the ones that are open all the time, even on Sundays, and they bulk bill and you don't have to make an appointment, but you usually DO have to wait for hours. And hours. And half the doctors are nincompoops and have no idea how to talk to people. Or perhaps they're just overworked and stressed from working stupid hours for ridiculous rates of pay. Anyway.... we managed to get in to see a surprisingly nice AND competent doc who decided that both of us not only have the bug from hell, but a nice infection brewing in our lungs too. So it's penicillin all round. Bottoms up! *chink*

I'm supposed to take it easy, rest and recover, you know the drill. And yet somehow I still have to get my work done. While taking care of a sick child, who apparently likes to lob into my bed at 6:00am with a raging fever, a hacking cough, and an asthma attack for good measure, and whine "Uurgh, I feel sick, Mummy". Which of course translates to: You're my mother, weave your mother magic and make me better at once.

And Bike Boy rang from work to say that he feels rather like dog poop too.... Great. Just what this house needs - more sick people!


Chris H said...

Bummer! Sorry you are so ill, hope you and the Baby get better soon... We have those '7-11' clinics here too, usually end up having to use them on the weekends cos kids always wait to get sick on the weekend and regular doctors are not open... and yes, we pay through the nose for the priviledge of going then too~! And we wait hours too..... luckily for me (maybe) last time I needed a Dr I just took myself to hospital and they took me right away, might have had something to do with pissing bloody all over their darn floor, ha ha ha!

Debstar said...

That's what stress does to you.
It's amazing how much better you feel when you're lying in mummy's bed.

LizN said...

Feel better soon Kek :)

Liz ;)

Sara said...


I hope you are all feeling better soon. Hugs all round (from a distance). Blowing kisses.. catch them?

For those not in the know.. last time I stayed with Kek her boys had germs and I caught some truly vile Aussie flu that I could not get rid of and, weeks later, ended up getting a prescription for(of all things) sleeping pills, so that I could knock myself out and finally sleep it off.

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