Thursday, October 11, 2007

Show & tell

Most mornings, I drag myself out of bed, pull on some clothes and stumble out the door for my walk half-awake, complete with scary bed-hair. Today, I was somehow alert enough at 6:15am to remember to grab my camera before I left. Hooray - no grainy, crappy phone photos!

So this is the stretch of parkland where I like to walk. It's maybe 500m from our front door:

Note the brilliant sunshine. It's still been pretty cold in the mornings, so I'm used to rugging up before I leave the house. I obviously wasn't awake enough this morning to register that it was actually reasonably warm, and I set out dressed like Nanook of the North...Doh!

I have no idea what this funny pink plant is, but I thought it was purty....

Gum tree....yes, we have lots of those. And rocks. Um...I'm sure there's something more interesting juuuust a bit further along. Let's keep going, shall we?

More pink flora. I'm probably allergic to the pollen this grass seed head is producing, but still....pretty.

Who knew rocks had so many colours in them? There's moss and lichen and so on, but what IS that orange stuff?

Huh. More gum trees. The roos like to hide in here when it's warm.

Just the other side of these trees is a fenced-off conservation area. I'm dying to sneak in there and have a look around. I've already sussed out the gate and I can fit through the gap, easy-peasy. Or maybe I'll just trek down to the river and pop in that way. Somehow I think it's going to be disappointing....

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