Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've had a few questions from various people lately along the lines of: So, Kek...what are you up to, and where are you at in terms of, you know, training these days?

The answer is a little complicated. Over the last few weeks I've been thinking (over-thinking?) about what my goals are and how far from them I am right now, what kind of training I want/need to do, how the HELL I'm going to fix my ongoing shoulder/arm/lower back issues and about a billion other things. All at the same time. Seriously, you wouldn't want to look inside my brain sometimes, it's like a washing machine in there; all kinds of stuff just tumbling around, getting tangled up. And me just hoping it comes out all clean and fresh at the end. :-)

Anyway. It's been a tough winter, and I've done enough moping and wallowing to last several lifetimes....luckily for me, my family didn't pack up and leave me. But I'm well over all that now, and I'm feeling positive and confident and all that good stuff. But I still just wasn't sure where I was heading. Maybe I should train for a fun run? A bike event? Or just work on cutting some winter blubber and improving my shape? Aargh! My problem is, I usually want to do several things all at once - and chances are, they're completely in conflict with each other.

So I did what I always do when things get all confusing and overwhelming - I wrote a list. I listed everything I want to achieve, no matter how far-fetched, and then put them in order of importance. And then it all seemed so OBVIOUS. Well, the what was obvious, but the how was another story.

These were my Big Five goals:

1) Fix my ongoing injuries and other issues, all of which basically stem from postural problems.
2) Reduce body fat back to an acceptable level - this one's already well underway.
3) Improve cardio fitness (yeah, THAT'S gone by the wayside these past few months!)
4) Add some muscle where needed, always keeping symmetry and function in mind.
5) Compete!

Cutting fat's easy, so's improving fitness. Correcting muscle imbalances and rehabilitating injuries...that's trickier and requires some expert help. As for competition preparation, I've got NO idea there, never having done it before. Besides, since I spend all day writing programs for clients, the last thing I want to do is to have to think about my own. So I decided it was time to call in the big guns and I contacted LizN. I knew that Liz was super-busy, but I was praying she'd have space for me.... I suspect she took pity on me and all my crookedness (or perhaps she just really likes a challenge?) because she agreed to take me on - yay!

It's going to be a long road, but I'm excited! And did I mention sore, after yesterday's workout?


SeLiNa said...

Sounds like a PLAN!!! Thank gawd winter has long gone, so has my attack of the SADS, hope yours has too!!
I've been doing the same thing, i want this, nah, wait, that'd be better. I liiiike the idea of a LIST! Why didn't you tell me sooner ;P

Amy said...

Hi kek- I have been reading your post for quite some time and I really admire your dedication and how you seem to juggle everything! That sounds like awesome news. So when are you going to start with the comp peparations??

Unknown said...

How exciting Kek!

Have you thought about when you are going to compete?

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