Saturday, October 27, 2007

What price health?

I've recently had a couple of people comment to me that they "can't afford" to eat healthy food, because it's too expensive, and that kind of floored me. I've been giving it some thought and while I haven't actually sat down and done price comparisons, I don't think that a tight budget means you have to eat crap.

We've been through some very lean times in the past financially, but we never compromised on food quality. Sure, we weren't eating eye fillet.... but it's amazing what you can do with cheap cuts of meat and a bit of imagination. Chuck steak makes a great casserole, chicken thighs (well-trimmed, of course) a fabulous curry. Fruit and veggies really aren't expensive if you buy what's in season. And grains, beans, potatoes and the like are always cheap. You can also grow an awful lot of veggies yourself, even if you don't have much space - I love me a fresh tomato, straight from the vine! Bulk buys, shopping at markets, haunting the meat section at the supermarket on Sunday mornings when they mark everything down to sell it fast.....there are lots of ways to save money.

I also know that these same people complaining about the high cost of good food have cable TV, the latest mobile phone, a fridge full of beer. There's nothing wrong with those things, but what's more important? Call me cynical....

I know what my priorities are. How about you?


Kathryn said...

I'd rather have good food than all that fancy stuff personally. I reckon fresh vegies are a necessity .

I think one of things that make people think eating healthy is expensive is that they have this idea that a meal includes a huge chunk of meat.

Oh and not buying stuff in season - you don't need to eat strawberries in the middle of winter.

Cherub said...

I agree. Last year, earlier this year?? when the price of bananas went up, everyone complained, and quite rightly so they were a lot more expensive, BUT, one banana was still cheaper than a chocolate bar.

I've just invested $$$ in Tupperware to get a little bit longer out of my fresh food so I don't need to be at the supermarket every day.

Chris H said...

Healthy food is no more expensive than crap food/pre-packaged meals/etc!!! Get a life whoever thinks it is more expensive! You sometimes need to do a bit more preparation with fresh food, but so what? If you eat crap food you end up looking and feeling like crap. full stop, end of story. This is only my humble OPINION too, so no jumping down my bloody throat.

Debstar said...

When I was first married and we were struggling I remember living on potatoes for a week. Baked potatoes cut in half and filled with tomatoes or coleslaw or left over spaghetti bog. We also ate alot of rice with lots of chopped up vegies thrown in. It's not what I would want to eat constantly now but it was healthy and very cheap.

Actually it always bothers me to see young mums buying huge numbers of bottled baby food. Its not that hard to steam some vegies and mash them up. The only time I bought the bottled baby food was so I could have some of the bottles on hand.

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