Friday, November 30, 2007

And in other news....

Our land finally settled last week. There's been no time for celebrating yet, but I DO have a bottle of Chandon Vintage in the fridge.

I wonder if the neighbours would think it odd to see us wander across the creek, bottle, glasses and folding chairs in hand, then set up camp on the bare dirt while we drink a toast to our new home?


We're also off to see the builder in an hour or so to sign our names (in blood, maybe?) to a contract promising to pay a scary amount of money for them to construct our very own McMansion. The master bedroom's so big we may need a map and compass to find our way out....

The foundations won't even be dug for several weeks yet, but at last it's beginning to seem real.


We're in full end-of-year mode with a barrage of notes (and accompanying requests for money, of course) for school outings, parties etc being brought home. 3 weeks and counting!

Karate also finishes soon, and both the younger boys have been graded. The Middle Child is now proudly sporting a junior brown belt, and The Baby is pretty happy with his new green belt.

Must take a photo......


I've organised my Christmas leave. I finish up on the 19th and don't go back to the salt mines till after Australia Day. Bliss! I'm also actually taking a couple of weeks off from the business. Bike Boy will believe that when he sees it.


Chris H said...

Yaa hooo !!!! I don't think it would seem silly at all to go drink bubbly on "Your land" at all!!!! I will even have one for you too! We signed a contract on our home today, so maybe, just maybe I will have some of my own! Have a neat weekend chick.

Cherub said...

Forget the map and compass, you need to get a GPS. I love mine.

I'll drink a toast or two to your new project this weekend.

Debstar said...

I had a drink or 2 on your behalf last night. hic. cheers.
You do realise that a bigger house usually spells more housework.

SeLiNa said...

You HAVE bin busy miss Kekky!!
I think you moving into your new house is a great reason for me to visit Melbourne again... dun ya think?!?! ;)
I bought a new mini food processor and tested it yesterday. I made a big pancake for breakfast yesterday, and thought of you while I enjoyed every bit of it :)
This one actually didn't resemble mush!!!

Sara said...

Wooot! you own some dirt! that's gotta feel good.

don't listen to cherub about the GPS. We used one in Europe and it tried to send us to Naples instead of Rome. That's a really long way to go to avoid traffic!

Kek said...

GPS, huh! Bike Boy has one and he loves it. "She" is known as Jane.

Jane is a stupid twat with no sense of direction and is no longer allowed in my car after getting us lost more than once.

Debstar said...

I pleased to hear about the GPS. Hubby wanted to hire one, at $50 a day, to get us around Europe. Hertz didn't have any available and so I did a spiffing job of getting us lost on a daily basis.

The worst day was when I lost the map, I think I hyperventillated that day & it cost us $15 to buy a new one from the servo and then 10 minutes up the road we found a Hertz place & hubby pulled in to ask a few questions and they gave us a new map. It hurt me everytime I thought about the $15 I'd just paid on the other map.

MTB Girl said...

Happy Birthday Kek!

Our GPS is great...maybe it's the operator :P

Flea said...

Congratulations guys! Now that sounds just so exciting!!
And your boys, congrats to them!
Mmmm, holidays.....

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