Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Go, you good thing!

I love Melbourne Cup Day. First, it's a holiday, always good. And there's horsies and colourful jockeys and fashion to admire on the TV - and maybe even some money to win.

I do like to have a bet, but rarely get the time to think about it these days. So I logged onto my TAB account this morning, intending to transfer some money into it, and discovered to my delight that I had $53 in there. From the Spring Racing Carnival last year. Er....completely forgot about it.

So I've placed bets on the Cup for all the family and I've already donated a couple of dollars on race 3 - I never said I was any good at betting. Maybe I'll have better luck with race 5.

I'm saving most of my bets for Thursday, when I'll actually be trackside at Flemington. Well, up in the stands, anyway. I'm way past enjoying getting sunburnt and jostled by pissed idiots and carefully avoiding placing my new shoes in the puddles of vomit down on the lawn. I'll be one of the civilised ladies in the Hill Stand, with my hat on straight and a glass of champagne in hand.

I'll wave to you all. Cheers!


Sara said...

Champagne+Kek = Civilised (?). Please send photo's as proof of, you know, the 'civilised' part of the equation.

Debstar said...

'A glass in each hand'. Well at least you will be a well balanced lady. Don't wave if the glasses are full.
Hubby won $30 in the office sweep and promptly bought himself alcohol. He could have bought ME a pair of shoes hruuump!

Kek said...

Deb, never mind, they would have been cheap-arse shoes anyway.

Sara, how can you doubt my ability to be refined and decorous? I'm wounded, I am...

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