Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grocery shopping aversion

Me: I'm going to the supermarket. Anything you want?

Bike Boy: Potatoes. And heat beads.

Me: OK, I'm getting fruit, bread and school snacks too.

Bike Boy: That should see us through to pay day. And you've successfully avoided doing the fortnightly shopping once again.

Me: Yeah. I actually thought about doing it for a minute or so last week. But then I got over it.


Chris H said...

HA! That sounds like ME! I hate grocery shopping too,and put it off till we are running out of EVERYTHING!!!

Sara said...

I love grocery shopping, could do it every day but usually manage to keep it to once every three days or so. I dunno.. I just love it, AND it's sort of additional exercise - especially if I make the mistake of taking Jase along. That guy shops at the speed of an olympic sprinter.

Kathryn said...

I don't do grocery shopping. I do the market and emergency runs but the supermarket just sucks huge chunks of time out of your life that you never get back.

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