Monday, November 12, 2007

I rest my case

Just thought I'd take a moment to explain exactly how much I detest supermarket shopping. See post below.

Here's the thing: I used to quite like grocery shopping, when I had fewer responsibilities, fewer mouths to feed and a hell of a lot more spare time. In fact, Bike Boy and I used to make an outing of it on a Thursday night. He'd push the trolley, and I'd try to stop him filling it up with crayfish and Tim Tams, and actually squeeze a few veggies in there too. Often we'd run into some good friends of ours doing their shopping, and the boys would have a shopping trolley smash-up derby in the car park, bless their infantile little hearts. :)

It was leisurely, we could buy what we liked without having to think about who doesn't eat THAT (this week), or even how much it cost...since we were buying stuff-all in terms of quantity, really, we only bought the bestest.

These days, being rather time-poor, and having to deal with the likes and dislikes of 5 family members, I tend to suffer from:

a) supermarket rage (like road rage, only the people who cause it are FAR stupider and even less aware that they're not the ONLY person in the universe) or

b) a case of helpless, teary frustration when those bastards at Safeway play their petty supermarket mind games with me and move the mustard. Again.

I think out of 22 pay periods so far this year, I've managed to avoid the odious task for at least 12. There should seriously be a prize for that.


Chris H said...

You forgot to add... all the effort it takes to unpack it all when you get home.... That's the part I HATE the most.
The only good thing about the supermarket is the lighting, it makes my diamonds really sparkle! Hey, I'm a twit I know!

Debstar said...

I have come to the firm belief that men should never be in charge of a shopping trolley, for starters they have no idea about trolley etiquette.

Avoiding the supermarket that much when you have a family of 5 is amazing. All hail the amazing Kek!! lol

AlleyCat Runs said...

Hi Kek,

delurker here, missed the great delurk earlier, sorry! have you thought about coles on line or I know, paying people to do your groceries seems a little overindulgent, but if you are time poor & hate the stupidmarket, its a good option!

misspip said...

Do you have on-line shopping in Australia? It's a real blessing when I'm short of time. Sure it costs $8 to deliver it but I figure that the time is saves me ( about 2 hours) plus no impulse buys it's definitely worth it. the first shop might take a while but once you have a list saved it takes me about 10 minutes to do the shopping. and I can do it any time of the day or night!

Kek said...

Ladies, I've been down the online shopping road before. It's expensive, the product range is limited and you can't order anything frozen or particularly perishable, unless you LIKE salmonella added to your meals.

I don't mind the actual act of shopping. If only they'd ban everyone else from the place while I'm there AND perhaps have someone come round to clean my house while I'm gone.....

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