Sunday, November 11, 2007

It feels good when you stop

Yesterday's workout just didn't happen. By the time I finished with clients and did some important ricotta cheese shopping, it was heading towards lunchtime and it was WARM. The idea of climbing into the saddle and allowing Coach Troy to reduce me to a sweaty, red-faced, heave-up-a-lung mess in those conditions appealed about as much as having my fingernails pulled out with rusty pliers.

So I exercised my right to procrastinate and I put it off till this morning - a much better idea! :D

Today's fun-fest was Enter the Red Zone, which I believe I've mentioned before with great loathing. Did I ever mention that I hate isometric squats? Doing a variety of intense stuff on the bike, then sets of 30+ squats in 30 seconds and THEN holding an iso squat for up to 1 minute? That may well be the definition of insanity. But I nailed those suckers.

Go, me!


misspip said...

Ouch - that sounds painful! But I bet your butt is looking great.

Chris H said...

Go you indeed!!! It beats me how you Australians can exercise at all in the heat you get over there! Our rumpus room gets blasted with the sun all day over summer and it is soooooo very hot in there... I can hardly breathe! I am thinking it's like that in Aussy all summer!

Kek said...

Misspip...let's just say that my butt is looking better.'s not exactly hot here. This is Spring in Melbourne, it was only like 24 degrees or something. But we have a great big north-east facing window right where the bike is, and it was way too warm indoors for my liking.

As to how we manage to train in summer - we have a thing called air conditioning. And I get up nice and early. :)

Chris H said...

OOOO errr Kek, I do know about air conditioning you twit!!! I was meaning how do you cope OUTSIDE ... or don't you ever go outside? I walk OUTSIDE with the dog and it is a killer in the heat of the day. I suppose if you go out in the very early morning it would not be so bad, but then I'm not as dedicated as you to getting up at the crack of dawn!

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