Friday, November 23, 2007


It's been a fairly fun-sucky week, for many, many reasons which I'm just not going into right now. And to top it off, I'm spending tomorrow working from 7:00am till around 10:00pm at a polling place. Yes, I've obviously lost my mind, because I said last time I was never doing this again. Of course, I have been doing it for 23 years.....

SO. If you happen to be casting your vote in the electoral division of Jaga Jaga, you might just run into me. If you do, say hi. :) I'll probably be glad of the distraction.


Sara said...

No funsucking allowed! *waves banner*

Your electoral division is called Jaga Jaga? *snort*. Aussie location names are funny but the English are the most quirky. I lived in York and there is an area called 'Wop-Ma-Wip-Ma-gate'. None of the locals thought this was odd. Also, on the drive to Scotland there is a sign that points to the 'Wallish Walls'. Heh. Wallish Walls?

Debstar said...

You've just confirmed it - you're nuts.

LizN said...

I had to actually go and look up your electorate. What a classic.


Flea said...

Where are you??? LOL

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