Thursday, November 01, 2007

NOW I remember

...why I always train early in the morning. Today however, I couldn't do so because:

- Bike Boy needed to use the spin bike before he went to work, since he had to fly off to somewhere exotic this afternoon. Well, Hobart anyway.
- I had to get kids up and organised and drive them to school.
- When we were almost at school, The Baby announced that he'd forgotten his lunch, so then we had to detour to the shops to make sure he didn't starve, meaning I got back home much later than planned.
- AND I had an appointment to get my tax done.

Then the day just got busy and somehow I ended up doing my workout after 6:00pm. It's not pleasantly cool at that time of day. It's downright unpleasant, in fact. Ick.

Today's workout was a new one I just got from Liz this week. It was a leg burning, ab-shaking, lung-bursting sweat-fest.

And by the way, I'm not exactly loving Coach Troy whilst in the middle of one of his torture sessions. Afterwards, it's a different story. I'm growing kind of fond of him.

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LizN said...

My abs were sore for days after I tried this one for the first time. Welcome to the club :)


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