Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I have a LOT to do tonight. Tomorrow I'm off to the Oaks, and I don't want to go looking like I just climbed out of bed and pulled on the first clothes I could find ....which is pretty much my usual look, come to think of it. Meh. Who can be bothered at 4:30am anyway?

So, the primping and preening is due to start any minute. God knows, it takes a lot longer these days to get myself looking presentable. If I'd been at all organised, I'd have booked a spray tan and a manicure for today, got my legs waxed earlier in the week and had my hairdresser on standby tomorrow morning. In my dreams, I'd have done all that and tomorrow I would disembark at the race course with smooth, glowing, golden skin, a fabulous and obviously professional "do" and people would be gasping in admiration as I walked past in my perfectly fitting designer outfit. In reality, the best I could manage was to actually have my outfit all planned and purchased by last week. Hey, give me some credit for that, I've been busy!

Tonight I'll defuzz legs, slap on a quick moisturising face mask and hopefully manage a DIY manicure. Then tomorrow, I'll do my best with my hair and pray that my hat covers most of it. I plan on having a great day anyway - I definitely won't be spending hours looking in the mirror and wishing I was browner/thinner/blonder or whatever. My lippy might get re-applied once or twice, but after I leave the house, that's as much attention as I'll be paying to my appearance.

Uh....I've just been eating raw carrots and I now have yellow-stained fingertips. That's going to go so well with my pink nail polish.


Debstar said...

Have fun!

Chris H said...

You are right, yellow and pink will not go together, stop eating the carrots!!! I am sure you will look stunning, enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

oh i love oaks day. i am going next year for sure.. have fun sweets!

Flea said...

You have a holiday on M'cup day??
How unfair, normal as always here :-(

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