Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I've started writing several posts over the last few days, but got sidetracked - I bin busy!

Saturday went well - it was a looooooong day, and I was all hot, sweaty, tired and oh-my-aching-back by the time I got home around 11:00pm. But we had no dramas during the day, our ballot papers balanced and I will get paid for my trouble....eventually.

Sunday, I slept in, trained for hours and hours (well, it seemed like it), folded a mountain of washing, picked up a few groceries, and suddenly it was night time again. Then from Monday, it was back to my usual full-on workload.

On top of all that, Number One Son had a misadventure last week......long story, but it involves a wet night, a powerful car (Ours, not his. Of course.) and I suspect a bit of showing off for the benefit of the female friend in the passenger seat. Consequence? Mangled car, but no missing body parts of the human variety. *sigh* It has involved an enormous amount of stress, but we're getting things sorted out now and blah, blah, could-have-been-worse..... *checks for new grey hairs*

On the plus side, I didn't console myself by eating my own weight in chocolate. :)


Chris H said...

Bummer about the car.. lucky the son was ok though! WE have been there done that *3* times this year!!!! OUR car every time too. Friggin boys!

Sara said...

Yay! New car!?

Yep.. boys around 21 are of a very dangerous age. Hopefully this has knocked some sense into him. That boy needs to take up some sport that involves the adrenaline rush, then he can impress the girls with his physique, not his - uh - driving skills.

Flea said...

Having boys are a scary though, especially when it comes to cars and speed! Glad to hear they are not hurt but ok. I agree with Sara new car??? LOL
Hey, I mentioned you in my latest post!

MTB Girl said...

Happy Birthday to you and the boy for Monday! Have a great day.

I hope the weekend and next week improve greatly for you. Getting out with champagne to your block sounds like a good idea.

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