Friday, November 30, 2007

Roll on 2014!

I love that my kids get a free State education. Yeah. I'm just adding up the book lists, the uniform order, the school camps and the materials & services list (because they're not 'fees'....we don't use the F-word; parents might think they're actually getting charged or something...) and it's beginning to get scary.

Because I'm thrifty (I even got a badge for it in Brownies), I usually manage to hand down uniforms, scrounge some second hand books from a neighbour and get a free stationery kit for paying the fees...oops, I mean materials and services levy...early. THIS time however, we're getting ripped off on the uniform front. The school decided to change their uniform a couple of years ago. The transition period ends this year, so next year I have to buy the Middle Child all new shirts and sports uniform and I can't pass any of his old stuff down to The Baby, who's starting Year 7. I also know nobody who has a child in the right year to help me out with second hand books. Dammit!

So, looks like the free stationery kit is the only saving I'll be making this time round.

Still, it could be worse - I could have forked out $300,000 or so over the years for my 3 kids to attend some uptight posh private school and turn out to be complete knobs with an over-inflated sense of entitlement. But then that would never happen. For one thing, we can't afford it, and for another, even if we could, it would make me cringe to be a part of that whole "I'm better than you because I spend more on my child" system.

And by the way, what he said.


Barb said...

Does your school have a second hand uniform shop? Maybe you could advertise in your school newsletter for uniforms or books?

Kathryn said...

I'm so with you on the private school thing.

When Andrew was at school, they kept changing the editions of the text books so you couldn't get them secondhand... why do you need to update maths books? What could possibly change?

Kek said...

I've never been able to figure out why the textbooks change almost EVERY year! Unless of course, it's all a conspiracy between the booksellers and the schools who get commission....

Debstar said...

I wonder how many noses you put out with the private school comment. I had a good chuckle 'cause you just said what I've always thought. I have a niece who goes to private school and speaks with a weird posh accent. Weird because noone in our family - or her fathers family speaks that way, she's just picked it up from the toffee nosed kids she's hanging around with.

Teeny Tiny went to a different school than her sisters and because they had the changeover of uniforms it was new everything for grade 8. She wore the same 3 shirts to school for 3 years & this week we put the poor things in the garbage. They were so trashed I couldn't even donate them to the school.

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