Friday, November 23, 2007

Weird, man!

Sara's been having a spate of hits on her blog, generated by searches for "spiky butt ball". (Seriously, it wasn't me!). People look for the strangest things.....

I haven't checked recently, but a while back these were the weirdest search strings that led people to my blog:

‘photo of girls ass in a superwoman g-string’

what are budgie smugglers’

‘babe hunting’

The second one I get the relevance of, there was mention of budgie smugglers in a post waaaay back. But the others? What the....?

So far, no-one has searched for "ugly elephant toenails". Phew.


Chris H said...

I too have been amused no end by how people find my blog... it makes for a few giggles for sure. Hope you have a fantastic weekend chick.

Debstar said...

How the dickens do you find out who is reading your blog and how they got to you?

weightlossguru said...

V.funny :)
here's a couple of mine:

shut the duck up

playtex bra walking

8334379783830 ?

I use Google Analytics to see stats like these.

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