Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tag! You're it!

LizN tagged me. I have to list five random facts about myself that people may not know.

OK then....

1. I can’t stand strangers invading my personal space. If you don’t know me, or we’re barely acquainted, the boundary is over there, Buster. WAAAY over there. Like, the other side of Bass Strait would be good. Thanks.

2. I see dead people. Not in a creepy Hayley-Joel Osment kind of way, but I do have very realistic dreams about departed loved ones. In these dreams I know that they’re dead, but we’re having a great old time together anyway. I like to believe that they’re paying me a visit. Or maybe haunting me, in the case of my friend Michael – he always loved to take the piss.

3. I like scones with butter and Vegemite. Bike Boy thinks that’s weird. Dunno why, they’re only a kind of bread. Unless you’re one of those people who puts sugar in their scones….why do you DO that? Anyway, I have a reputation in my family for putting Vegemite on everything. I loved it beyond reason when I was a kid. My Grandma used to say that she wouldn’t be surprised if I asked for ice cream with Vegemite. Hello, Grandma? I'm not INSANE, you know!

4. I can keep a lot of figurative balls in the air at once, but when things get completely crazy in my life with more packed into my day than any human should be asked to handle, the first thing to go is housework. Actually, even when I’m not busy, I’ll find anything to do to avoid housework. The daily Sudoko, filing my nails, updating my Facebook* profile, staring at my navel…The thing is, I love my house to be spotless. I just don’t want to be the one to make it that way. *sigh* I SO need a cleaning lady again.

5. I’m a big fan of afternoon naps and I think they should be made law. Bugger education, more affordable housing, shorter hospital waiting lists and handouts for childcare, where’s the policy on compulsory siestas for all Australians? The party that promises to introduce the Rejuvenation for All Australians (Necessary Afternoon Post-luncheon Slumber) Act 2008 (to be known as the NAPS Act 2008 for short) wins my vote!

Hmm, I may have re-hashed some old stuff there, but tough. I must be off, I've things to do…. not housework, though.

I tag: Anyone who wants to play. I've totally lost track of who's already done this meme.


* Facebook is FAB for avoiding housework….you can spend hours doing important stuff like trawling around for HIL-ARIOUS YouTube videos like this one:

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