Saturday, November 03, 2007

Where did THAT time go?

Number One Son is 20 years old today. Twenty. Two-zero. And I have no idea where those years actually went. One minute he was a sweet little 7lb 11oz baby with tiny little fingers and toes, then ZOOM....suddenly he's a fully-grown man with size 12 feet.

To celebrate leaving his teenage years behind, he's off to the races. We actually had the honour of his company for about 15 minutes this morning - long enough for him to collect his birthday loot - before he headed out dressed impeccably in suit and tie, and with his wallet stuffed full of cash, to meet his mates.

He'll have a great time, and finish the day pissed, dishevelled and broke. And possibly vomiting in a gutter somewhere. Just as it should be on your 20th birthday.


Chris H said...

Thanks for the advice chick... will definitely try the short bursts of exercise then.... will not be doing the injections... I get the shits just thinking about injections!!!!
Our No# 5 turned 20 recently too, he is 6 foot tall, size 13 feet... where does the time go for sure! He was 10 pound 12 ounces born though, so never that small. Hope your son has a neat birthday and does not end up in the gutter somewhere spewing!!!

Kathryn said...

It's scary how fast they grow up. If I'm looking for Andrew in a crowd of people, I still look for a little kid!

Hope your son enjoys his bday, and who knows, he might come home richer!

Debstar said...

Happy Birthday to No 1 son. Hope he makes a killing at the track.

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